Practice Management

The Orion Practice Management System puts critical data right on your desktop. Everything you need to know about your firm: Case Management, Docket, Calendar, E-Mails, Contacts, Communications, Financial Statistics and Client Documents.  For the first time, Orion Practice Management enables law firms to move from a big-picture view to the smallest detail efficiently and effortlessly – all in real-time and on-demand.  The Orion Practice Management System does the information-gathering work, allowing you to quickly and efficiently check the pulse of the firm and its operations at any time.

Orion developed the Practice Management module to be highly flexible. Each user can create her own profile(s) and save it, so every time she logs in, it knows how she prefers to see the data. This flexibility includes which columns to view, whether they sort in ascending or descending order and where the borders lie with each section on the screen. Furthermore, the user can drag application icons onto the desktop and launch them without leaving Orion.

Orion has combined a powerful and intuitive user interface with the flexibility and sophistication required by small and large law firms alike.


Smart Timers®

Time tracking just got a whole lot easier


Juggling deadlines just disappeared

Custom Reporting

Data important to YOUR firm

Document Assembly

Fast forward the routine work


The right tools for the job

Worldox® Integration

Seamless document management

Contact/Matter Management

Stay in control of your work

Calendar Management

Event & task management simplified

Microsoft® Exchange Synchronization

Real-time data sync

iOrion® Mobile

iOS and Android app available

Microsoft® Office Integration

Seamlessly works with tools you use daily

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Interested in a Cloud Solution?

Is your firm searching for a Cloud solution, but in need of a feature-rich and robust platform? Look no further. Orion’s Financial Management System is also available in the Cloud. The Cloud offering provides our full-featured software without the need for specialized hardware or installation. The Orion Cloud offers your firm the flexibility of a secure mobile office wherever internet access is available. Not sure what your firm needs? Since we offer an on-premise and a Cloud solution, Orion’s expertise can help your firm decide what is best for your unique infrastructure and environment.

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