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Orion is proud to partner with 4L Law Firm Services, which provides our clients with outsourced accounting services.  4L is committed to making law firms more efficient, more productive, easier to manage and increasingly more profitable.  4L also helps law firms devote maximum resources to real lawyering by assuming responsibility for major back office operations.


Cloud-based technologies remove geography from the equation and enable small/midsize firms to access technology, talent and processes just like those found in the largest firms, but at a fraction of the cost of maintaining such resources in-house.

4L can act as the law firm’s Accounting Department and Adjunct CFO.  Law firms who outsource some, or all, of their accounting and billing operations are able to save money, obtain substantially better financial information, and utilize firm leadership time and energy on more profitable pursuits like client service and attracting new clients. 4L focuses on people, processes and technologies in ways that no single small or midsize firm can duplicate on its own.  Law firms partner with 4L because they provide unrivaled financial expertise, advanced technologies and actionable financial analysis to help law firms achieve their goals of becoming more profitable.

For more information on 4L Law Firm Services, please visit their website.

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Is your firm searching for a Cloud solution, but in need of a feature-rich and robust platform? Look no further. Orion’s Financial Management System is also available in the Cloud. The Cloud offering provides our full-featured software without the need for specialized hardware or installation. The Orion Cloud offers your firm the flexibility of a secure mobile office wherever internet access is available. Not sure what your firm needs? Since we offer an on-premise and a Cloud solution, Orion’s expertise can help your firm decide what is best for your unique infrastructure and environment.

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