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The most critical aspect of implementing new software is the conversion of information from your existing system.  If the process is performed properly, your firm will be able to move forward with a solid foundation. If it is performed poorly, it will have a negative impact on virtually every aspect of your firm’s ability to utilize your new software and serve your clients.  With Orion, your satisfaction is guaranteed.  We recognize that software of the highest quality cannot compensate for a poor conversion. We understand that it makes little difference how well we train and support you if we don’t get the conversion of your data absolutely right.


Key Benefits of Orion’s Implementation and Conversion Process:

Planning is essential to ensure a successful conversion of your old data into Orion. We provide an Implementation Schedule to set the timetable for critical events during the conversion period at your Firm. We will also work with your staff to identify the proper reports that contain the data necessary for your conversion. Our Conversion and Implementation Manual will detail the steps involved with the process and conversion explanations that will help us obtain the information, files and reports required to successfully complete the conversion of your existing data.

We also perform a test conversion, and install it on your system, so that it can be carefully reviewed by your staff. We document all aspects of the test conversion and provide step-by-step hands-on inspection. Your Firm will be able to actually use the software with your own data to run reports, create bills and perform inquiries to ensure your satisfaction with the results.  This careful preparation ensures an error-free conversion and installation when it’s time to “go live” with Orion.

Orion’s data conversion experience is extensive. We have converted more than 50 types of billing and accounting systems during our 35 years in business. Many of these systems have been converted numerous times, including: Aderant, Rainmaker, Juris, Omega, PCLaw, Elite, ProLaw, PerfectLaw, Client Profiles, FSLI, Perfect Practice, Rippe Kingston, Billing Matters, QuickBooks, Amicus Attorney, AbacusLaw, Clio, TABS III, Javelin, Timeslips, Rocket Matter, Time Matters, etc.  With Orion, your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Our experience and expertise has allowed us to develop the formula for a successful conversion for your firm. We have the history and the references to prove it.

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Interested in a Cloud Solution?

Is your firm searching for Cloud solution, but is in need of a feature-rich and robust platform? Look no further. Orion’s Financial Management System is also available in the Cloud. The Cloud offering provides our full-featured software, without the need for specialized hardware or installation. The Orion Cloud offers your firm the flexibility of a secure mobile office wherever internet access is available. Not sure what your firm needs? Since we offer an on-premise and a Cloud solution, Orion’s expertise can help your firm decide what is best for your unique infrastructure and environment.

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