Orion allows you to easily manage contacts by assigning contact types and creating relationships with other contacts, cases and events.  Multiple contact addresses are managed using primary and associated addresses, allowing you to cascade address changes to primary and associated related contacts.

Contact Management offers a unique way to see the “forest and the trees.” By providing the contact list on the left side, the detail of the selected contact on the right, and finally all the relationships in the sub-panels, all your contact information is at your fingertips.

Orion provides effective contact management, which produces solid client relationships, improves client retention and builds a robust pipeline of referrals.

Better Manage Marketing Efforts:

Orion improves client communications, referral source tracking and analysis while simplifying seminar invitations and storing historical marketing efforts, all designed to fuel individual practice group and overall firm growth.  Orion dramatically decreases marketing management efforts by providing a centralized contact database, the ability to design and modify custom data views, reports and merge documents for mass document assembly.

Key Benefits: