Every installation of Orion is handled by a Project Management Team led by your assigned Project Manager. The process begins with the Project Manager who conducts “kick-off” meetings with your staff.

These meetings are designed to:

  • Understand your needs and expectations.
  • Communicate with your staff the process and what to expect.
  • Develop an implementation schedule that meets the financial and logistical goals of your firm.
  • Incorporate all the special requirements that make your firm unique.
  • The kick-off meetings ensure that everyone understands the issues, expectations and effort needed for a successful conversion and implementation.

Next, the Project Manager takes the assembled information and assigns the necessary tasks to the Orion team members and your staff. The Project Manager follows up to make sure all items on the implementation schedule are handled correctly and on time.

Another critical role of the Project Manager is to coordinate all aspects of your data conversion from your current system. This includes understanding your requests and concerns about how the data is to be converted and the results.

Finally, your Project Manager will be at your firm for both the Test and Live installations of the Orion software and your converted data. This includes being on-site throughout the training process to personally assure that everything goes smoothly. The Orion Project Management Team is the key to your installation success.