Get paid faster with Orion ePay

Online payments just got easier with Orion ePay®. Providing firms with the flexibility of secure integrated payments with features such as easy invoicing, next-day funding, and more, all within the Orion software, allowing your firm to get paid faster.

Ease of Use

  • Email an invoice with a secure payment link
  • Client payments and trust deposits can be Processed at a click-of-a-button from Orion’s AR Manager.
  • Firm-branded, secure payment page, that makes payments simple and seamless.

I was very impressed with Orion ePay, which immediately allowed our firm to reduce the steps to process digital payments while also providing complete visibility of our daily transactions…

Lori Wattelet
Weintraub Tobin Chediak Coleman Grodin
Get paid faster with Orion ePay

Quick Setup.

Begin accepting payments within a day.

Get paid faster with Orion ePay


No need for extensive paperwork.  The application process is initiated from within Orion!

Get paid faster with Orion ePay

Honest Pricing.

Simple and transparent.

Law firms like yours need a way to take payments simply and securely. That’s where Orion ePay® comes in. Take advantage of a simpler, more transparent way to process your payments with competitive pricing, provided exclusively through Orion ePay®. No monthly fees or contracts required. 

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