Tackling Law Firms’ Biggest Collections Problems

Strategies for success from Orion’s 2019 Collections Survey.

By Kevin Harris

Unless you’re independently wealthy and philanthropic enough to practice pro bono law 100 percent of the time, you want to get paid for the legal services you provide. Some clients, however, are less than forthcoming with payment for a variety of reasons. Some may not have the money to pay, or they may have money but it’s not earmarked for paying you. Other clients have the funds but won’t release them because of complaints about client service, performance or outcome. And some are so disorganized that they can’t seem to pay their bills on time, or at all — at least, that’s what they tell you, along with “the dog ate my homework.” Whatever the reasons behind payment delays, collections problems are often a frustrating and confounding part of running a law firm. But if you don’t do collections well, you could be out of business.

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