Orion 5 with ePrebill Manager Gains Traction and Positive Reviews at Law Firms Nationwide

Recently Released Technology is Successfully Adopted, Providing Greater Efficiency, Mobility and Freedom from Paper-based Workflow

ATLANTA – April 15, 2019 –– Orion Law Management Systems, Inc. (“Orion”) (www.orionlaw.com), a leading provider of Financial and Practice Management software for law firms, announced today that its Orion 5 software, which was recently launched at the ABA TECHSHOW, has been purchased and implemented by several law firms across the U.S. The new Orion 5 customer end-users are seeing rapid and transformative improvements in their workflow and productivity.

Orion 5 includes ePrebill Manager, a complete electronic workflow system for managing prebilling, as well as conflict avoidance/intake enhancements, iOrion cloud-based integration with map, rideshare apps, and many other new features. This week, Orion will be demonstrating the complete Orion 5 system to legal administrators at the ALA 2019 Annual Conference & Expo in Grapevine, Texas (booth#711).

A. Ray Lightell Jr., CPA CLM is Chief Operating Officer of New Orleans-based Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr & Smith, one of the law firms that recently installed Orion 5. Lightell said: “Our firm upgraded to Orion 5 on March 5th. We conducted our administrator training a few weeks later and plan to roll-out the ePrebill Manager to a group of attorneys during our April billing cycle. However, a few of our billing professionals asked if they could show two of our billing attorneys how to use the Orion ePrebill Manager in late March to help them through their last-minute billing rush.”

Lightell continued: “Our firm’s Controller Daniel Simpson and I agreed to let the billing managers show the ePrebill Manager to the attorneys and ePrebill Manager worked. In fact, one of those billing attorneys was in my office this morning praising the ease of use of ePrebill Manager. This attorney will help us spread the news to our other billing attorneys. Our goal is to get as many billing attorneys using the ePrebill Manager in the 2nd Quarter. Of course, there will be a few “old-
timers” who will refuse, but if we get 90% to use the software, we will be much more efficient in our monthly billing cycle.”
Many other law firms such as Chicago-based Aronberg Goldgehn Davis & Garmisa and California-based Dowling Aaron have upgraded to Orion 5. The upgrade is free to all current Orion maintenance customers. While the ePrebill Manager is clearly a highly compelling feature, many of the other time-saving, well-constructed features in Orion 5 are providing substantial benefits, too.

Orion Law Management Systems’ President Paul Yelton remarked: “Orion holds its development and customer service teams to the highest possible standard. Orion 5 and the ePrebill Manager are examples of quality results that come from our continuous testing until software is truly ready for release. Many Orion clients are already engaged in the upgrade process or are considering it for the near future. We are also showing the technology to a wide variety of prospective customers who like the Orion 5 features and appreciate the flexibility of Orion which can be deployed either in an on-premise desktop/server environment or a cloud-based subscription model.”
For a complete list of Orion 5’s new features, improvements and enhancements including the ePrebill Manager, download the brochure here. For more information or to schedule an online or in-person demonstration at the ALA Conference this week, email info@orionlaw.com.
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