May 2017

The ever-growing batch of new communications media, and with it the spreading of business communication onto new platforms, has provided quite the challenge to compliance officers tasked with keeping track of business-related conversations. And according to a new report by e-discovery and information archiving company Smarsh, financial services organizations are growing increasingly concerned.

According to the survey data, compliance anxiety about electronic messaging has shot up over the last year. Fifty percent of those polled this year reported concerns about mobile communications, up a full 27 percent from 2016. Non-email communication channels like social media messaging functions and business chat platforms raised similar concerns among survey-takers. The report found 54 percent of respondents were concerned about compliance in these non-email channels, up from 35 percent last year.

The survey found that email was the most highly monitored communication method, with 98 percent of respondents using a supervision solution to archive messages.

Social media data, though up from years’ past, was less highly supervised. Of those respondents who allow use of social media platforms at all, 77 percent had an archiving solution in place for Twitter data, 70 percent had one for LinkedIn and 67 percent had one for Facebook.

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