May 2016

With changes like the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure amendments and transcontinental privacy regulations taking place, it’s safe to say that the legal industry is undergoing massive transitions catalyzed by technology. This evolution is largely driven by the demands of today’s modern lawyer, who wants to get her job done from anywhere at any time, and she expects easy access to the tools she needs.

“When you talk about mobility, what you’re really talking about is, what are the demands of today’s modern lawyer?” said Dan Carmel, iManage’s chief marketing office. “We think we’re dealing with a whole new persona and a set of values and a set of expectations today that didn’t exist five years ago.”

This role of the “modern lawyer”, he noted, isn’t solely filled by the practitioners from the millennial generation. “Although we call it a new professional, we don’t mean it as a kid out of law school. I’d like to think that a 50 year old could be a new professional too. They’re consuming technology in a modern way.”…

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