March 2016

While the legal industry’s relationship with technology is often characterized as behind other industries, legal tech companies have growingly become more mobile, offering apps to deal with many legal department tasks. Riding this wave is financial and practice management software provider Orion Law Management Systems, who recently announced its upgrade of its mobile app, iOrion.

Titled iOrion Version 3.0, the practice management app includes app integration and platform compatibility, as well as other features. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, the app is integrated with Orion’s desktop software, allowing subscribers to synchronize workflows.

“For today’s legal professionals, a full-featured mobile access tool is more than ‘nice-to-have’ – it’s a necessity,” Orion marketing coordinator Heather Deutsch told Legaltech News. “And most legal professionals are justifiably concerned with the constant management of their valuable billable time. …. Once lawyers or legal professionals step away from their computers, keeping track of time becomes a more difficult task. Further, many of the solutions offered for the mobile lawyer and legal staff tend to be complex, cumbersome and expensive.”…

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