October 2014

Orion Law Management Systems, Inc., a provider of financial and practice management software for law firms, announced today at the company’s 2014 User Group Meeting in Atlanta an extensive update to Orion Version 4 Software. The new version 4.6 sports dashboards, drill-down financial statements, Microsoft Exchange synchronization and support for Office 365.

Orion is an integrated law firm management system that employs software for financial, firm and practice management tasks. The new version supports live financial statements in general ledgers. The statements can be printed and distributed online and support drill-down and charting capabilities. Other new features include:

  • Dashboards and visualization of key performance indicators.
  • Individual performance data compared to firmwide performance.
  • A collections manager module for accounts receiveable.
  • Manage collections at the client, matter and invoice levels.
  • Better manage billing inquiries when dealing with online e-billing companies

Version 4.6 incorporates an Exchange synchronization module and support for Microsoft Office 365. Law firms can synchronize Orion contacts, tasks and appointments with a cloud-based version of Microsoft Exchange.

All new features in version 4.6 are updates to version 4 and included in customer software maintenance agreements.